Mechanical / Filtration  Sanitizing Systems
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Computer Chemical Controllers
Unitized / Plug & Play Systems
UV & Ozone Sterilzation
Multi-Feature Systems
  • Complete Hydraulic Engineering
  • Open Pit Sand & DE Systems
  • Hi Rate Sand Systems
  • High Pressure UV Systems
  • Ionization CL Free Systems
  • Carbonic Gas PH Systems
  • Peristaltic Injection Systems
  • Computer Chemical Controllers
  • PLC Management Integration
  • Chemical Storage Solutions
  • Ozone Sterilization Systems
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners
  • Color Coding & Valve Tag Charts
  • ​Stainless & PVC Plumbing 
  • Complete System Renovations
  • VGB Compliance Updates
  • System testing & Analysis
Horizon Aquatics LLC. Is the leader in cutting edge water treatment systems and sanitizing technology. The market for new alternative water treatment equipment is ever expanding and so are the potential combinations of these exciting technologies. From chemical free copper ionization systems to salt conversion chlorine generators combined with super hi efficiency programmable pumps the combinations and advantages are endless. Of course larger commercial high rate sand and DE filter technology advances have brought hi rate systems into the 21st century as well. From a new Olympic racing facility to a mechanical restoration on a 1910 treasure Horizon Aquatics can deliver the correct design, components and installation to get the job done right. 
While some admire the glimmering end result, there are those who find the greatest beauty of a Horizon Aquatics pool below the surface. We take great pride and exceptional care in the design, specification and installation of our equipment and systems. Horizon Aquatics LLC. has elevated the equipment room to high art.  Horizon Aquatics LLC. builds its equipment rooms to a higher standard sure to impress even the most demanding client. A well designed & built equipment room should be safe, easy to operate and provide a great many years of service.  
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