Metal Fabrication
Horizon Aquatics manufactures all our pool systems of the finest materials in two state of the art fabrication facilities. Utilizing the latest in cutting, welding and break bending technologies we can assure that our products adhere to the highest quality standards. Because Horizon Aquatics maintains complete control of the fabrication process our projects are completed on time and on budget. We have access to a regular stock of aquatic related components used in the construction of pools and high tech filtration / water treatment systems, additionally freeing us from long lead times on specialized equipment. A computer controlled inventory sytem ensures that most components are in stock and available for shipment immediatly. When it comes time for shipment we have facilities for custom crating and the ability to load Sea / Land containers in house assuring our clients receive their orders intact and prepared for whatever lifting or craning system required.
New York

Corporate Offices
Fabrication and shipping partners
Close proximaty to all NY / NJ  sea ports, airports & rail hubs. Sevicing US, South & Central America, Europe & Middle East
Hong Kong

Fabrication and shipping partners. Located in the port of Hong Kong. Direct access to sea port and air freight system. Servicing Asia, China, Indo China, Pacific Rim
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